Cold Process Soap - Lavender Tea

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Lavender has always been my go to essential oil for everything from breakouts to wanting to calm down. Made with a organic olive oil, soybean oil, castor seed oil, and palm kernel oil this is a very nourishing soap that lathers very nicely. The smell is mild so that it is not too overpowering and leaves a light scent on your skin. Rose pink clay adds a gentle exfoliation while providing deep cleansing to the skin.


  • Olive Oil: Extremely moisturizing, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory. It maintains elasticity in your skin, keeping it smooth and supple, and further helps in the treatment of minor skin wounds, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Soybean Oil: Rich in fatty acids which restore health and balance to the skin, soybean oil aids in healing damaged done by sun exposure. It contains antioxidants that maintain a healthy glow, helps fix uneven skin tone, helps control and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improves overall skin texture.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: Removes nervous tension, enhances blood circulation, and provides a calming scent which is excellent for the nerves. This oil also contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties.


  • Palm kernel flakes, soybean oil, olive oil, water, lye, titanium dioxide, clay, oxide, lavender essential oil, fragrance

Net Wt. 4.5 ounces (approximately)

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