Midas Touch Hand Balm (Pocket Size)

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This water-free cream not only stays on after multiple hand washes, it also locks in moisture while essential oils heal for smoothness. Perfect for anyone looking for relief from many skin ailments such as burns, cuts, rashes, eczema, or psoriasis. Oils such as coconut, sweet almond, grapeseed, and Vitamin E all have wonderful moisturizing and healing properties. Shea butter along with my powerful essential oil blend intensify and speed up the healing process. Silk powder, clay, and cornstarch are added so that the cream is grease-free and the oils get absorbed into the skin in less than a minute.



  • Shea Butter: Thanks to an abundance of fatty acids, shea butter retains moisture and elasticity in the skin without clogging pores, helps heal sores, burns, and cuts; and contains cinnamic acid which is a substance that helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Rich in Vitamins A and E, which both have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Grapeseed Oil: Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, Grapeseed oil helps prevent acne (even on oily skin), tones and tightens skin, and locks in moisture.


  • Shea butter, grapeseed oil, lanolin, almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, beeswax, colloidal oatmeal, cornstarch, china white clay, titanium dioxide, mica, superfine silk powder, vitamin E, essential oils (lavender, palmarosa, orange, peppermint, fir needle, litsea, tea tree, sage), fragrance, and white quartz crystal.

Net Wt. 1oz / 28g

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Jane R wrote on 12/30/2014:

I have used MoJo's skin care products and loved them. However their hand care products and manicure exceeded all expectations . I am a metals artist, washing my hands 2-3 times an hour combined with working with files, grinders make my hands so dry they crack and bleed. This winter the cracks on my thumbs were so deep and painful I had to stop working for a week. Then I tried the healing balms, butter and lotion, the results on my sore thumbs was impressive, marked healing in 2 days! Then I needed a manicure for a business trip, what a beautiful job was done. *****!
Tina wrote on 11/22/2011:

I have thick, dry cuticles. I must have tried every product on the market from high end to low. MIDAS TOUCH hand balm is the only one I have ever tried that is true to it's claim "it lasts throughout the day despite many hand washings". And my cuticles have never looked better. I know it sounds corny but even my manicurist has noticed the improvement. This stuff is AMAZING! This is the first endorsement of a product I have ever written - this is how much I love it!

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