Get Up & Glow Cleansing Body Scrub

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A multi-texture creamy body polish that helps to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Filled with mineral-rich sea salts to revive your body. In addition, chamomile powder and juniper essential oil help soothe and detoxify your skin. A healing and uplifting scrub. GREAT FOR CELLULITE! 



  • Dead Sea Salt: Contains high levels of potassium which regulates the skin’s moisture levels, magnesium which promotes healing, and bromide which has a soothing, relaxing effect. Also used to relieve aches, pains, and skin conditions like body acne, psoriasis, and eczema.
  • Chamomile: Possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiallergenic, and sedative properties. Speeds up the healing of skin ulcers, wounds, and burns while promoting general relaxation and relieving stress.
  • Olive Oil: Extremely moisturizing and anti-aging. It also helps in the treatment of minor skin wounds, eczema, and psoriasis



  • Cane sugar, fine sea salt, coconut oil, course sea salt, canola oil, fractionated coconut oil, virgin olive oil, castor oil, emulsifying wax, chamomile powder, chamomile flowers whole, ground juniper berries, sunflower petals, jasmine flowers, fragrance, honey

 Net Wt. 8oz.

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Maggie V wrote on 03/09/2015:

My favorite body scrub!
Tiffany wrote on 10/10/2012:

I absolutely love Get Up & Glow body scrub!! It smells amazing like every product I've found at Mojo and in addition it gently exfoliates my skin, leaving it so soft and smooth. I've never used a product that actually improved the bumps on my arms, but this little miracle scrub from Mojo has done the trick.
Patricia Biesen wrote on 08/05/2012:

The Get UP and Glow products have been so amazing for my KP and the quality of my skin. Having bumps on your arms/body can really make summer un-fun. This scrub along with the serum have healed that. Plus they smell so amazing that I was fortunate enough to mention to Amanda that she should make this blend into a perfume and you know what she did just that for me!
Karen wrote on 05/30/2011:

The body scrubs gently exfoliate and smell good enough to eat. It's safe to say that if Mojo Spa makes it, I love it!
Leslie A wrote on 02/26/2011:

I have KP (bumpy skin) and the general routine is exfoliate and moisturize. This product does both and leave leaves my skin really smooth.
Kathleen wrote on 06/07/2010:

This is good any time of year, but I absolutely love to use it in the wintertime. Serious moisturizing power for tired, dry skin.

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