50 Shades of Grey the Mojo Way
Posted: February 26, 2015 @ 3:00PM CST in Store/Nail Spa by Amanda
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50 Shades of Grey has been everywhere, inspiring makeup looks, fashion and of course, nail art! We could go the more traditional route and try handcuffs and ties, but what about taking a more subtle route? These nails are perfect for Fifty fans of all proffessions. 



Are these a little too intimidating? Don't worry, we have you covered! 


Easy: Start with a solid grey base and add confetti dots of different shades of grey on top!

Medium: A little more sophistacated, stick with darker greys and bolder lines. 

Medium 2: Add more lines for a geometric look.

Hard: Add delicate lines and swirls to create a more alluring look. 

Have you guys noticed that Anastasia Steele's style is very natural? Cute dresses, scarves & jackets. This girl has a sweet and fun style that's making me long for Autumn days. (With this winter though, I'm still waiting for spring.)  Want to try a natural beauty look that will have hearts melting?



Let's get started!

Begin everyday with a clean & dirt free face.
Once your face is washed & dry, apply
Illuminata Herbal Makeup all over. 


This will ensure that your face is protected
from any harsh environments & is showing
off it's natural glow.


Next apply the Perfect Rose Cream Blush
according to your face shape. Blend onto the
apples of your cheeks, similar to the way you
would apply contour.


  adfa dad   

Use NYC Cities Collection &
Muse Mineral Eyeshadows.



First apply NYC all over eye. Remember to
dab this eyeshadow onto eyelid. Next apply Muse eyeshadow to your inner eye to brighten. 


Tip: For longer lasting color, apply
S.W.A.K. to eyelid as a primer. 




Finish your look with our Tart Limited Edition Lipstick. This lipstick
has a warm, berry sheen and will enhance your natural lip color. 


Tip: For a more dramatic color, apply a layer of S.W.A.K. to your lips to brighten lipstick color.




Now throw on a scarf, let down your hair and go grab some coffee! 


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Until next time! xoxo


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Fashion Wednesday
Posted: February 25, 2015 @ 8:32AM CST in Fashion by Amanda
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Pretty in pink meets classy and chic. These week's nails were inspired by Mario Sierra's Chanel. This dress has all the elegance of a fine lady with just the right amount of gold glitz. If you're looking for an elegant and classy look for your nails why not try these? 


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To view more nail art designs CLICK HERE!

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To book a service please call us at 773.235.6656!


Come back every Wednesday to see who'll inspire us next! xoxo

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The Benefits of Lavender
Posted: February 20, 2015 @ 11:10AM CST in Beauty by Amanda
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Lavender is one of people’s favorite scents and for good reason.  When we smell scents our brains activate in certain ways. We all experience stress these days and lavender is one of the best at helping to reduce stress & anxiety while putting us in a calm, serene state. This allows us to be more productive, healthier, sleep, & feel better overall. No wonder we are so attracted to the scent of lavender.


Calming – the scent of lavender is naturally calming and a great way to reduce stress and help with insomnia. Try our Lavender Chill Perfume Oil. Remember with our oils, a little goes a long way!


Acne – Lavender kills the bacteria that cause acne and helps regulate oil production making it a great natural body acne treatment. Use our Lavender Tea Body Soap for deep cleansing and a gentle exfoliation.


Sleep – Lavender relaxes the body and mind so well it helps you to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. Why not try taking a bath and lighting a few candles with our Lavender Love Bath Fizz & Lavender Tea Soy Candle


Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral– Lavender inhibits the bacteria that can cause infection & help prevent you getting sick this winter. For on the go protection try out our Lavender Love Solid Lotion Bar

Pain – Lavender naturally reduces inflammation and soothes minor joint and muscle pain. Try our Lavender Chill Whipped Soap Frosting & Lavender Chill Body Meringue


Heals- Lavender helps to increase circulation which brings more oxygen to cells. This speeds up the healing process & wakes up your skin. Our High Society Skincare Line is great for normal to combination skin types! 

Anti-Aging – Lavender boosts circulation which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles including those found on the lips.  Try our new Lavender Sugar Lipstick. This lipstick is great to add a boost of color to naturally tinted lips. 

Here are some simple DIY lavender recipes you can make at home:

Sleep Better Aromatherapy Oil

Roll our Lavender Chill Perfume on your pillow case before you go to bed so you breathe in the scent all night & have a restful sleep.

Moisturizing Lavender Scrub

2 Tablespoons Lavender Chill Soap Shower Frosting

1-2 Tablespoons sugar

Mix in a bowl until sugar is thoroughly mixed in with the soap frosting and use right away.

Lavender Bath Oil

1 bottle Lavender Chill Perfume Oil

2 cups grapeseed oil 

Empty Lavender Chill Perfume Oil into glass bowl then add grapeseed oil. Whisk until completely combined.  Pour into sterile glass bottle.

Hair Loss Treatment

1 Tablespoon Lavender Love Bath Fizz

2 Tablespoons Shampoo

Combine in a small bowl and massage into hair  & scalp. Leave in hair for at least 4 minutes. Rinse and move on with your regular routine for washing your hair.

Laundry Boost Cleaner

½ cup shredded Lavender Tea Body Soap

1 tablespoon Lavender Soap Shower Frosting

Add all ingredients & laundry detergent to washing machine with dirty clothes. Run cycle on either warm or hot only. Clothes will come out cleaner & softer.

Leave in Conditioner/Hair Freshener

Take a pea size amount of Lavender Chill Body Meringue and rub between hands. Then run your hands through your hair focusing on your ends or any other areas that are really dry. Style as normal.

Breathe Better Balm

1 Lavender Lavender Lotion Bar

2 tablespoons Lavender Chill Body Meringue 

Place into a measuring cup and place in a pot of simmering hot water. Let the lotion bar melt whisking frequently. This will take about 5-10 minutes. When the lotion bar is completely melted take off heat let it sit for 10 minutes. Add 2 tbs. of the Lavender Chill Body Meringue, whisk vigorously and pour into a sterile jar. Apply every night and morning to help breathe better and eliminate phlegm.


Let us know how you use lavender! Until next time!  xoxo


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