Tis the Season for Party Nails!
Posted: December 19, 2014 @ 4:07PM CST in Store/Nail Spa by Amanda
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Tis the Season for Party Nails

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No matter the reason, we have the perfect party nails for you! Show off that glam, wow your fiends and family! Feel fabulous because you are! Check out or nail services here and call to make your appointment now 773.235.5565. 

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10 Tips to Stay Stress Free this Holiday Season
Posted: December 18, 2014 @ 4:22PM CST in Store/Nail Spa by Amanda
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10 Tips to Stay Stress Free this Holiday Season

Its that time of the year with holidays coming at us left and right. Family parties, office parties, and loads of gift giving, theres no end to the tasks at hand. Don’t let the stress get to you, follow these 10 easy tips!

Delegate Your Tasks!

There’s cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping, mailing cards, calling family, the list goes on and on! You’re pretty awesome but you can’t do it all alone, its ok to say no! Delegate tasks and watch your list shrink right before your eyes!

Remember to Breathe

With all the rush that the holidays bring you might feel yourself become light headed. Remember to stop everything, drop everything and breathe. Take 5 minutes for yourself and remember everything will be alright.

The Power of Lavender

Lavender is great for treating anxiety, insomnia and depression. Lavender Chill is the perfect way to treat yourself and take in the calming effects of this wonderful plant. Start off in the shower and frost yourself with the Lavender Chill Whipped Soap Frosting. Next keep your skin hydrated with Lavender Chill Body Meringue and feel the silky goodness melt into your skin. Finally add a dab or two of Lavender Chill Perfume Oil to smell like a field of lavender. 

Lets go shopping! Bring a Friend!

Invite your best bud along for your Christmas shopping. Shopping alone can be overwhelming, so bring a friend along grab some coffee and share some laughs. You’ll get your shopping done and make new memories. 

Exercise then use the Perfect Present Body Cream

We’ve all heard that exercising sends happy endorphins our way, so take a walk and see the holiday displays. Walking isn’t only good for your body but its good for the mind too. Clear your mind, take a deep breath and take in the sights around you. Try out our Perfect Present Body Cream which is specially made to help relieve aching muscles. 

Take a Bath with Relaxation Bath Salts

What could possibly be better than hot water, bubbles and our Relaxation Bath Salts. These bath salts are made especially to reduce muscle tension and eliminate toxins from the body. Feel the stress melt away as you soak in a well deserved bath.


Get a full nights rest

With all the hustle and bustle we might think staying up is a good idea. The more I get done today the less I have to do tomorrow right? Wrong. Less sleep can actually damage your body and mental health making you more tired and stressed. Getting a full nights rest helps repair the body and refresh you, making sure you’re ready for the day ahead. 

Eat Right

Cookies, cakes and other treats are in abundance this time of year but try to include a few veggies and remember to eat right! Comfort foods might feel great right that moment but in the long run it can actually lower our moods. Plan ahead and have a tuna sandwich, fish with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce the symptoms of stress.


Lavender Tea: Breathe In

Still feel the stress creeping in? Our Lavender Tea Candle is perfect for high stress environments. Breathe in that fresh lavender with notes of green tea! Don’t forget our soy candles turn into the most luxurious hand cream so massage those relaxing feelings in and feel your spirits lift.


Eat Drink and be Merry

You’ve spent countless hours creating the perfect holiday party. Its time to relax, spend time with family and friends and have a good time! Drink some hot cider or some eggnog, smile and laugh and just have a good time!


We hope this holiday season brings you lots of smiles and laughter. From everyone at Mojo Spa, happy holidays!



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Mojo Spa's Christmas Gift Guide
Posted: December 15, 2014 @ 9:41PM CST in Store/Nail Spa by Amanda
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Mojo Spa's Christmas Gift Guide

Still looking for the perfect holiday gift? Mojo has a few ideas to help you find the perfect fit for everyone on your list!

Holiday Gift Guide: Mom: Floral Tea Bath Salts, Vintage Collection, Perfect Present, Ambrosia Lip treatment

For the woman with hugs and lots of love, its your turn to treat your mom right. Mojo recomends only the most luxurious of products for a special mom. 

The Struck by Bliss Soy Candle is handpoured and turns into a body cream when melted. The scents of kumquat, pink grapefruit, quince, & bergamot are bright and warm leaving you uplifted and refreshed.

The Perfect Present Luxury Body Cream is a one of a kind cream that cures muscle & tummy aches. Made with real Cardamom and Avocado Oil to promote warming and healing effects. 

The Floral Tea Bath Salts are blended to promote relaxation and eliminate toxins from the body. The perfect balance of soft magnolia and spicy jasmine make this scent an instant classic. 

The Ambrosia Anti-Aging Lip Treatment is made with some of the most expensive and luxurious ingredients in the world. Rose oil, silk powder and more make this lip treatment a healing powerhouse. 

Gift Guide: Dad: Midas Touch, Tuned Up, Save Your Soles, Buddha

For the man who is strong and kind. Who says beauty is just for the girls? Treat your dad to some of Mojo Spa's best healing and strengthening products. 

Tuned Up! Give your body the tune up it deserves! This intensive rejuvenating body oil will make sure your body is running at its full potential. 

The Midas Touch locks in moisture and heals skin for a smoother touch. Made with real Shae butter, Midas touch speeds up the healing process making sure moisture is retained in less than a minute.

Buddha After Shave Moisturizer is made for all skin types. Heal, smooth and hydrate your skin after shaving for a cleaner, longer lasting shave. 

Save Your Soles helps keep feet dry and odor free! Apply after a long day of work to help with inflammation and itching. Your feet will thank you!

Christmas Gift Guide: Friend:

Best Friends. Old Friends. New Friends. Friends of Friends. No matter the title we have the perfect gift for everyone in your circle! 

The Nostalgic Treats Pie Soap gift set is fun for everyone! Ultra moisturizing and deliciously scented, these pies are perfect for the sweetest person you know. 

Give the gift that keeps on giving. The Natural Remedy Bag includes one Headache Hangover Helper and one Jasmine Spice Solid Lotion Bar. Perfect for the night owl and socialite in your life. 

Have a friend with a big smile and an even bigger heart? The Confetti Pop Lip Balm promotes Happiness and Joy with sweet flavors and real honey. 

The ultimate treat for your skin. Pear Berry Whipped Soap Frosting is light, fluffy and leaves skin feeling silky soft. Our best selling deli soap turned into a fluffy delight! 

Secret Santa: Cupcake Soap, Cake Slice, Get Revived, Party Martini

Between office parties, family get-togethers and Secret Santa events, you'll be in need of the perfect stocking stuffer this year. Why not try these delights? 

Party Martini Soy Candle turns into a super moisturizing body cream! Just light the flame and allow wax to melt. With scents of Champagne and Citrus, this candle is sure to make things festive. 

Don't be fooled, this Yellow Cake Slice is actually soap! Bath time has never been so fun! Enjoy the rich scent of cocoa powder without the guilt! 

With frosting made the old fashioned way, our Wonder Mint Cupcake Soap has the fluffiest texture for the softest skin. This soap is rich in coconut oil and cocoa powder making it healing and anti-inflammatory. A wonderful delight! 

Still not sure? The Get Revived Gift Box includes our Mint Mellow Fluff Scrub, Lotion & Soap. A triple threat of peppermint essential oils for stress relief, skin revival and improved blood circulation. 

We hope we stirred some ideas for the perfect gift! While we understand that it is the time of year to be giving, don't forget to treat yourself this holiday season! 

From everyone at Mojo Spa we wish you Happy Holidays and an even better New Year!

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