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By Amanda posted March 2, 2011 2:00PM CST
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Inspired by March's Saint Patrick's Day and my love of Green. Here are a few of my favorite beauty trends that I incorporated into this look.

1. Highlighting on the bottom lid with bold colors beside black can bring more attention to your eyes. I used the Earth eyeshadow as a liner underneath to highlight the eyes. Try blues, purples, or even light pinks. The key is to do a fine line so it does not look overdone.

2. Layering lip color is an absolute must for long lasting color. Here I started with our Sweet Cheek stain that would give the base color of red and layered the Vixen lip gloss
on top. If you want a brighter red lip try our Starlet Lip Gloss which will give you more of a pinup girl look.

3. Using our Perfect Pink cream blush & lip color with essential oils can heal your skin while providing necessary hydration and a soft color.  The different with a healing cream blush is that it is a skincare and makeup product in one! Powder blushes fade or cake after a few hours especially in the summer. A natural cream blush is a great alternative.

Stay Tuned for more Makeup Looks!

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