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Product Review: Natural Deodorant Tested

If you’ve tried every natural deodorant that’s ever garnered a buzz only to be left completely disappointed and, well, smelly, we feel your pain! But thanks to the growing demand for BO relief minus the chemicals, there have been some gains in this arena. No, really.

One product that’s actually passed the smell test for us is from Mojo Spa, one of our favorite little beauty shops in Chicago. All of Mojo’s products are handmade (their scrubs and soaps are too die for), including their amazing Don’t Sweat It 100% Natural Deodorant, which is made with a blend of essential oils, natural clays and baking soda.  The kicker is that it’s actually pretty absorbent, so while we won’t pretend its as sweat proof as an honest-to-goodness antiperspirant, it does keep you reasonably dry and definitely not stinky.   

It’s good for most of the day as long as you aren’t in a super-hot room or running a marathon. However, it is strong enough to get you through a workout as long as you apply right before you hit the gym. It works even better if your prep your pits by washing with an antibacterial soap first.

Definitely recommended, and it can be purchased online.