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Mojo Spa, Original and Kitschy

It’s not often I get things done for myself physically. I don’t get massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, or anything of the sort. I try not to spend my money on it. I’m not a tomboy, just really broke and semi lazy. But if I had to choose any spa in the city it would have to be Mojos. You walk in and your speechless. The only word I kept thinking to myself while I was there was adorable. The staff when I walked in was so genuinely nice and appreciative of our business as well. He offered us coffee and homemade peppermint fudge. Tha’ts one of the things that separates Mojo’s from other spas. There’s a kitchen in the basement and they cook treats for their patrons. Home made peppermint fudge? Yes please.

I can’t even begin to list and describe all of the products they carried. All made in-house. The most popular one though that they carry is their Soy Candle. It’s shaped like a martini glass and come in a variety of scents. Once you light the candle you wait for the wax to melt a bit, and bam you have moisturizer! It’s all natural and does wonders for your skin. I also brought in my male friend to man the video recorder. I figured there would be nothing for him there, it’s a lady thing! But to both of our surprises there was something for him. The staff had him try this oil that softens your beard. You put just a few drops in your hand and rub it in to your beard. Its softer and smells good! One of the other items I took special liking to was the soaps that looked like cake. They were arranged and decorated to look like a real cake. I almost try sneaking a piece, after feeling it I figured it wouldn’t do too good in my digestive system.

They offer Pajama Nights on select Fridays of the month where a minnimum purchase of $30 gives you free Deli Fresh Facials, Make-Up Application, DJ Spinning, & Homemade Dessert Bar. They also, on most Sundays, have Beauty and Brunch where they have complimentary homemade brunch and pamper you inside and out. The staff also informed me that they do parties up to about 50 or so girls and they will serve martinis and cocktails. They also cater to Bachelorette parties.

Mojo Spa has been featured in such publications as Allure, Instyle, Lucky, TCW, U R Chicago, Lou Lou, and many many more for their innovative approach at spa treatments.
If you are anywhere in or around the Chicago area I highly highly suggest dropping in Mojo’s and getting a manicure, pedicure, massage or just picking up some unique homemade beauty products.

Tues, Thurs, Fri 12-8pm
Wed 12-6pm
Sat 10am-8pm
Sun 10am-6pm

1468 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
773.235.MOJO (6656)